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What is OptimalNidra?

OptimalNidra is a practice that every body can participate in. It is the practice of building conscious periods of rest into your daily routine. In the world today it is common for us to squeeze every single minute out of the day without taking a few minutes to rest & rejuvenate. 

Why Take OptimalNidra Training?

  • Help yourself and your clients learn how to put a pause before reacting.
  • Help your clients to experience co-regulation due to your nervous system being strong, stable and quiet.
  • Become able to observe your own judgements, and help your clients learn how to observe themselves.
  • Learn to be honest with yourself and teach your clients how to be honest about their lives.
  • Both you and your clients will learn how to dance with fear, attachment, and aversion.
  • Learn how to draw your senses inward and then teach your clients to do the same.
  • Experience true relaxation and ease for yourself and then share with clients.
  • Create effective OptimalNidra practices for yourself and your clients.
  • Feel confident that you are creating a safe space for your clients to go deeply into OptimalNidra for healing.
  • Learn to be skillful in teaching the subtle practices that have deep impact for yourself and your clients.
  • Help yourself and your clients digest the emotions of their lives.
  • Learn about the importance of intentional rest in a society that is over stimulating to the senses.
  • Teach yourself and your clients how to BE, instead of always moving and doing.
  • Be confident that you will not harm clients as you take them deeply into mediation and know what to do if they have an adverse reaction.
  • Become comfortable and confident when teaching students who have experienced trauma.

Who Can Take OptimalNidra Training?

Yoga Practitioners, Yoga Teachers, Yoga Therapists, Ayurvedic Practitioners, Mental Healthcare Professionals, Physical & Occupational Therapists, Medical Professionals, Teachers & Preachers.

Creating Your Best Self Using OptimalNidra

“Part of my dinacharya or daily practice is not to be swayed by the impact of day-to-day demands. I come back to being with the breath and the routine that OptimalNidra offers, which keeps me centered and able to maintain calm amidst the chaos.”  – Sonya Chapnick

OptimalNidra is based on an individualized assessment of the client! As an OptimalNidra Therapist you will spend time understanding personal needs, patterns and habits of your clients. You will then design an OptimalNidra care plan that can help to bring your clients to a state of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance. OptimalNidra Therapists will be trained in how to help people with anxiety, insomnia, burnout, depression, chronic pain, addiction and more. We spend time getting to know the client so that we can make the client the center of the OptimalNidra Therapeutic Plan. The client will then try your care plan for 3-10 days and report back to the therapist to see if any changes need to be made. The client will use your therapeutic plan for years to help them sleep, feel less anxious, give them energy and focus, stoke one’s passion for life again, work with pain, soothe and pacify one’s cravings, and even build the confidence to be the best version of themself!

OptimalNidra can be used by people of any age, any race, any religion or culture, any socioeconomic level, and any gender or sexual identity to heal their deepest patterns that are keeping them from living a joyful life. The foundation of the OptimalNidra Method comes from India’s ancient yogis and includes universal truths that go beyond time and space. The wisdom of these sages, or rishis, has been passed down for thousands of years and has withstood the test of time and context. There is no reason to believe these techniques will not work for your clients, just as they have for so many others.

Resources that enhance your OptimalNidra experience include:

The Gold Zone eBook which is a companion to The Optimal State Mobile App, which is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Ask for More Information About OptimalNidra by emailing Krishna: Krishna@TheOptimalState.com

Learn More About Our OptimalNidra Training

You can come as a participant who wants to learn more about how to improve their mental & physical health. You might be a healthcare practitioner who desires to add more tools to their healing toolkit! This training will be life-changing for you on a personal & professional level.

Email Krishna: Krishna@TheOptimalState.com for more information about the training.

This 60-hour course is structured as follows:

Pre-module Assignments 
Module 1: “Exploration and foundations” — online weekend,  Oct 14 – 16, 2022
Module 2: “Personal inquiry and embodiment of the practice” — 18-week self-paced study 
Module 3: “Implementation and facilitation” — online weekend,  Feb 17 – 19, 2023

Early Bird Registration Before September 15th – $1,191
After September 15th – $1,324
Certification Exam – Additional $324

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Sonya Chapnick is a certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT) who has been teaching in the Greater Los Angeles area since 1997.  She became interested in sharing with others the profound therapeutic aspects of yoga through her own experience, when in 1989 she was diagnosed with a rare degenerative retinal disorder known to cause total blindness. Sonya is trained in the Viniyoga Tradition and has studied extensively with Optimal State Yoga Therapy, Loyola Marymount University and Gary Kraftsow.  She completed her clinical internship through SIMMS/MANN Venice Family Clinic Chronic Pain Management Center. Sonya also has been trained to teach and share Yoga Nidra and offers Yoga Nidra for Mental Health Trainings.


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Connect with Optimal State® Yoga Therapists & Lifestyle Medicine Coaches to help you find your Optimal State of living! Click here to find an Optimal State Yoga Therapist for online sessions to help you create a wonder-full life! We also have a getting started guide to help you determine if Yoga Therapy would be good for you.

I am forever grateful to Sonya and OptimalNidra for helping me with my sleep problems. I was having trouble falling asleep as well as going back to sleep when waking in the middle of the night. After a one-on-one phone interview she was able to tailor a personalized recorded YogaNidra (guided meditation) practice designed for me to begin listening to at bedtime. Sonya’s calming and steady voice flows with tranquility and kindess. It took only a few listens for me to begin falling asleep faster and faster. I encourage you to contact this caring yoga therapist to see how she may be able to create a personalized program for you!

Ann-Marie / Lodi, CA

Starting your day, or afternoon, or evening frazzled or frustrated by today’s news or your own obligations? Sonya’s OptimalNidra can help the chaos that is our current lives. There is gentle stretching and coordinated breathing followed by a restful period akin to meditation on a mat or even your bed. I am a type A personality and leave this session relaxed, rested, calm and energized.

Roz / Los Angeles, CA